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to Bay Area Young Life!

We are glad you have come to check out who we are and what we do! Take a moment to look around and see how you or your family can get involved. Enjoy looking at pictures, as well as discovering new events! Please contact me with any questions or advice you may have - I look forward to hearing from you!


Bobby Davidson, Area Director




Upcomin​g Events

Merry Christmas!

Next Club will be in 2015!


Our Team

Area Director
Bobby Davidson
Committee Chair
Greg Torchio
  Committee Members
Bunny & Jim Davidson
Erik Janniche
Karen Ochinero
Pat Allewalt
Ruth Koch
Chris Brown
Will LaRose
John Boehm

 Volunteer Leaders

Davey & Krista Jones

Brooks Davidson

Paul Graves

Splatter Run Coordinator
Jennifer Hartless